noasis was born December 1995
in a disused hotel room in Derby England

Initially six lads. Five who played a bit and one who wanted to be the manager. Dragged from the humdrum of big haired glam rock and electronic pop music by the sound coming from their radios, CD players and the Juke box in their local bar, they realised before any other that Oasis were going to be what the music industry and the bored angry public needed. So these lads set about performing anthems such as Some Might Say, Live Forever, Cigarettes & Alcohol, Supersonic and thus creating a snap shot for those unable to secure a ticket to the now historical shows at Knebworth, Main Road, Wembley, Glastonbury and Loch Lomond.

They called themselves noasis and went about creating a backdrop banner which accompanied them to every gig and still does today!

Jump forward twenty odd years and noasis have skipped continent and are here in Australia recreating that inspiring Wall of Sound and a visual experience that will bring generations of live music lovers together. Noel, our kid Liam and the band are the real deal. Don’t forget your bucket hats and Lennon shades... Mad fer it!!!

[ Liam ]

Darren’s first band slot was at the age of 17 as a percussionist for a politically driven original 9 piece band which had some local and national success peaking by playing on a popular Radio One slot with DJ Adrian Just. A countless number of jam bands as a drummer/guitarist and singer and lots of rehearsing brought him to front noasis DERBY UK as Liam Gallagher. LEIBERMAN a 4 piece original Melodic Rock band who recorded and played for A/R and got close (but not quite close enough) came next and ran for a few years before splitting to do other things. Darren also worked on the live circuit as a soloist, in sessions as a singer and guitarist, and in a casual duo before emigrating to Australia in 2013.

[ Noel ]

Darren's introduction to music started early in life off the back of his parent’s Beatles addiction. As a 16 year old he was introduced to Mod influenced artists such as The Who, The Jam and The Small Faces and he quickly realised he wanted be in a band. In 1994 after hearing Supersonic on Triple J and the full Britpop explosion that followed he took to the stage. Darren has performed in bands such as 60’s charged The Invasion, Britpop flavoured The Mod Cons and original band Mode, and as lead singer in House of Ska band.


Christian began his musical journey in the Barossa Valley in local bands as a teenager playing drums inspired by the likes of Bonham and Moon. Following his early years he ventured off to Europe where he remained for 19 years playing with many artists and also facilitating youth music development based in Dublin, Ireland. His passion for music has brought him around the globe touring and recording — some of the artists that he has worked with include legendary producer Steve Albini, Glen Hansard and the Frames DC, Eamonn Dowd and The Racketeers, local Adelaide act Zeequil and local artist Lizzie Bradley. Chris continues to mentor youth through his company The EMU Tree based in Adelaide, South Australia.

ythm & Lead Guitar

Brian’s influences in music began as a teenager in bonnie Scotland when he first picked up a guitar to play to bands such as the Sex Pistols, The Damned, The Jam, Big Country, Thin Lizzy and was and still is a huge Who fan!Arriving in Australia in 2004, he's been in a number of bands most recently “kicked” the Australian INXS show and “Atomic” the Blondie tribute band.



Originally from the South of England, Mark started playing bass in his first band at 13, growing up listening to and playing songs from The Jam, The 60’s and all things Brit Pop. He’s supported Hugh Cornwall post the stranglers and even did a stint as the sound man for the Troggs in the 90’s! Well, he moved to Australia in 2011 and fast forward is now the bass beat behind noasis!